I have a very unique opportunity for the PERFECT family.

If you have been following us for any time then you know who “Ronda Rousey” is. In case you don’t, she was from Bambi and Koa and was the female that I decided to keep for myself back in 2013. When I moved I sold her to a friend in Canada. Denise has only bred her one time and she is the perfect family dog. Due to restrictions in Canada with the other breed registry that she breeds Denise is unable to keep her. Since 2008 she is in the top 5 best females that we have produced. This girl has the sweetest temperament and she is house trained. She gets along fine with cats also 🙂

We are selling her for $3500 plus shipping from Canada.

Here are the requirements for the buyer:

Must live in a house (no condos or apartments)

Must not own any other female pitbulls (females can be a problem)

Must be willing to keep her inside the house. She currently sleeps on a couch every night.

Must be able to pay for shipping + $3500

Must agree to keep in contact with me through social media or texting

If you meet these criteria please fill out this application.

We love this dog so we are not going to make any hasty decisions.

We will probably need 1-2 weeks to decide who is the best fit.

Here are some photos of her12874237_10153292960521403_1821171913_o